About our breeding program..............we only plan a litter when we need another show dog, and not for any other reason. We breed as close to the breed standard as possible and take health clearances of both parents into consideration. We research pedigrees extensively and always breed to a male that compliments the attibutes that the female lacks. We consider males from all over the nation when looking for that special stud dog.

We only have 2-4 puppies available per year and although most pups are show quality, we don't hesitate to place them as "pets". Our goal is not to supply the public with pets, but in the rare event that we sell a puppy as a pet, it's always sold with a spay/neuter agreement and is sold with "AKC Limited Registration" with NO exceptions. "Limited Registration" means the dog is recognized by AKC as a purebred dog but the dog may not be shown in AKC Conformation events (although it may be shown in performance events) and that if any puppies are born to this dog, AKC will not recognize them. 

Be sure to check our Available page for dogs or puppies that may be available, it is kept updated regularly.

You can reach us at: coolbostonterriers@yahoo.com, be sure to include some information about yourself and whether you're looking for a show puppy or a companion puppy. I only return emails once a month but please know that I've read every one of them.

In addition, if you would like names of other reputable breeders in your area, go to the BTCA website: www.bostonterrierclubofamerica.org and look for the Breeder Referral page. 

Lastly, before you buy a dog from ANY breeder, make sure you read the information on the Boston Terrier Club of America website pertaining to Reputable Breeders and
 Breeder Referral. This information is INVALUABLE!!!!!!

Thanks, Melany
Artwork by Loretta Martin, soliloquy22@hotmail.com. Painted in watercolors from a photo of my 2002 litter. In the photo is (from L to R), Cheyenne, Eddie, Poem & Mellie. Thank you Loretta, it's a wonderful piece of art.