Ch. Keon's C & K's Joint Venture, ROM
( Keon's One Man's Band O'Keon X  Keon's Secretary of State)
Owner: Melany Anaya
Breeder: Linda Mitcham
BAER Clear, Normal hearing
OFA Patella #BTR-PA196/60/M/P/PI
DNA Profile # V106083
Born 4/28/1996


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An ROM for our boy!!!!!

We're very excited to announce that Jordi got his Register of Merit (ROM) award in the spring of 2005, to recognize that Jordi has consistently produced quality pups. It is with great honor that we name Jordi's championed get below:

Ch. Blossom's He's The One, "Neo"
Ch. Blossom's Just One Look, "Trekki"
Ch. Wannabe Run's A New Hope, "Hans"
Ch. Nan's Bos-E-Dog of Tootz-e Roll, "Tootz-e"
Ch. Cool's Big Bang Theory, "Cannon"
Ch. Cool's Maximum Impression, "Max"

We would also like to thank the breeders that entrusted Jordi to their girls!!!!!