Hello and welcome to our website!! We rarely have puppies available (2-4 pups per year) yet we get at least 5-10 inquiries a week for one.​ While we appreciate you are searching for a quality puppy from a reputable breeder,  it is VERY difficult to find one from any reputable source.

My advice to you is to check this page regularly, if we have anything available it WILL be posted here as I always have it up-to-date. I will also post bostons that are available through other reputable-breeder friends of mine. 

Next, send me an email, I look at and read every one of them but only answer them in bulk once a month. It's not that I don't want to chat with you, but this is my hobby and not a puppy store :-) (I could EASILY spend 2-3 hours per day answering everyone's questions).

Look for other reputable breeders on the BTCA website: www.bostonterrierclubofamerica.org
This is the ONLY recommendation we have for you as we  will only refer you to those who are BTCA members that we trust. Get on a few waiting lists and be patient. 

If you're looking for a rescued boston terrier in northern CA, please contact Lynda Piercy at:
Please tell her Melany sent you.

Please be aware that most reputable breeders are members of the Boston Terrier Club of America and must sign a Code of Ethics agreeing to adhere to ethical breeding practices. For more information please visit www.bostonterrierclubofamerica.org

Also noteworthy is the fact that that neither the BTCA, nor it's members promote "rare" colored boston terriers.

We strongly encourage you to only deal with reputable breeders!

Available Dogs/Puppies
This page was last updated on: November 16, 2015