Thank you for visiting our website. We have a VERY small breeding program and only produce a few puppies per year. We breed for show and rarely have puppies or adults available as pets. We are members of the Boston Terrier Club of America and the Sierra Gold Boston Terrier Club. In addition, Melany is a past member of the Boston Terrier Club of America's Health Committee and was the Recording Secretary for 4 years. 

Melany and her husband Steve live just north of Sacramento, CA and have had bostons since 1987. They got their first show dog in 1997 and have traveled the show circuit ever since. Linda & Rich Mitcham live in Cool, CA (yes, it's a real town), and have shown and bred bostons for over 20 years. 

We breed for the betterment of the breed and do our part to try to eliminate inheritable diseases by testing our dogs for hearing (BAER test done by an audiologist), patellas (knee joints that slip) and annually test our dogs for cataracts (CERF test done by an opthamologist). 

All puppies sold as pets are sold with spay/neuter agreements, with absolutely no exceptions. We guarantee you'll take home a 100% healthy puppy, you guarantee you'll spay/neuter it. Plain and simple. If you're looking for free or give-away dogs please do not contact us. If you're looking for a rescue, please see our "Links" page for a link to several  wonderful rescue organizations.

We put a lot of love, devotion and thought into every litter we produce, our pups are raised in our homes, not in a kennel. When placing these precious pups we interview every potential "forever home" to make sure they're the best we can possibly find for our little guys. We also offer a "Welcome Home" policy so that any dog we place is always welcome back to our home at any time in their life when their owner has decided they cannot keep them. No questions asked.

This website was designed so that we could share photos and pedigrees of our dogs with those interested. The intention of this website is not to sell dogs or puppies, mostly just to share information about our own dogs with the fancy and others interested in quality dogs.

If you have more questions about boston terriers, please visit the Boston Terrier Club of America's website,

Thanks for visiting!

Melany & Linda

Rich, Linda, Melany & Steve, celebrating our 20th wedding anniversaries (only 2 weeks apart!!!) in Cool, CA in May 2005. Inside the barn was a full band and many of our closest friends, it was a terrific evening to remember.

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